May 22 2013

TDS Draft

I’m feeling better rested, I still might have a meeting either tomorrow or Thursday (perhaps both) that will prevent me from participating on that (those) night(s).

New indications are that next week are all repeats.  Sorry, Comedy Central was entirely unclear.  June 10th John Oliver takes over hosting duties on The Daily Show.

This means we have at least 6 more days before Tia returns.

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

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The Stars Hollow Gazette


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Told you it would be busy and that’s not including my other lives.

Not only that this is a more than usually busy weekend for me.  There is Monaco and Indianapolis to cover.

Now I always like to encourage people to get involved, but without some help here we’re going to have some dark days and I’d hate to see this franchise deteriorate.

Now it would be easier for you if any of the guests are people you particularly like or hate.

Tonight Jon will be hosting Phil Jackson.  Wednesday will be Bill O’Reilly and Thursday Morgan Freeman.

Stephen will have Noah Feldman tonight, with The National on Wednesday (yuck, musical segment), and C.J. Chivers.

But who watches for the interviews.  They uniformly suck.  There’s been a lot of news so the segments will probably be great.

What else are you going to watch anyway?

The Hypnotoad.

"Television is a vast wasteland"