Feb 06 2014

Keystone XL in Obama’s Lap

House GOP abandons plans to tie debt ceiling to O-Care, Keystone

By Peter Schroeder and Russell Berman, The Hill

February 05, 2014, 11:49 am

House Republican leaders have concluded that they cannot pass an increase in the debt ceiling without help from Democrats, abandoning plans to tie legislation either to ObamaCare or the Keystone pipeline.

GOP leaders had been looking at pairing legislation boosting the debt limit with either an authorization of the pipeline or  rolling back a portion of ObamaCare. But after presenting those ideas to members and huddling Wednesday, they determined neither would receive 218 votes from House Republicans.

It is now officially the Barack Hussein Obama Climate Change Death Funnel.


  1. ek hornbeck
  2. MO Blue

    to satisfy the greed of those who already have more money than they will even need.

    For those who scream that they are partisan Democrats above all else, they may want to consider that not only will there be long term consequences to these actions, these corporate centric policies are eliminating all reason for those who are not part of 39% to vote for the Democratic Party.

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