Introducing priceman’s Rants: No Real Choices for the People

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Democrats disgust me now more than Republicans or the tea party with very few exceptions. Republicans and the tea party (barring some agreements on civil liberties and ending the wars) stand for something truly awful, but it is something. You have to respect that.

It's not because I don't oppose everything they stand for; I do. The Democrats don't. They say they do, but what they do isn't what they say, and what they say isn't what they do, but put on a show for you for your money and mine.

There may be slightly more than a dime's worth a difference, but none of them are getting a dime. None of them are worth even that.


  1. Yes, these will be very short from time to time. But I have earned my substantive stripes if you look at my diary list so I know what I am talking about from predicting the (still even with the recent clean increase, it’s still an asuterity budget funded at sequester levels that also get worse every year)ongoing debt ceiling debacle in 2010 to the failure of Dodd Frank and the London Whale debacle.

    You know what they say about brevity.

  2. that Holder was going to resign. Unfortunately, it was false and considering the last round of this administration’s right wing, corporate appointments, it could actually be worse.

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