Feb 19 2014

Obama Sycophants Clapping Louder are Building the Keystone Pipeline Faster

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Therefore, I have to tell them a few things: Obots, you didn't really care about the environment. You wanna know why Obama's Keystone pipeline is going through no matter what you do? He knows the columns covering his ass are already written, by you, in anticipation. So why would he care what you're doing?

Don't get me wrong, there are genuine activists opposing the Keystone pipeline in the Occupy movement, but their opposition is genuine. Yours is fake. They are in this for the sake of the planet. You are in this for the sake of preserving a Rubinite (D) brand for a man while trying to secure up what little so called liberal cred you have left, in your mind, so I can't be kind. 

It's so obvious, so just be proud of being fake. You're not opaque. You're transparent which is apparent to the real activists who have now long realized they were sold out to and for the big oil companies and TBTF banks. You know where to stick your pseudo MoveOn.org activism, you fucking cranks. You'll eat whatever this sellout neoliberal Democratic party feeds you, and you'll say thanks.

Not I. I don't want the planet to fry or all life to die so I can try to put on an activist play: "Like Politics, The End justifies The Means, and Psuedo Civics, Dude. Hooray!" 


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