Rant of the Week: Jon Stewart: Romancing the Drone

Jon Stewart: Romancing the Drone

The Obama administration explores the legal ramifications of aerial citizen reduction programs.

Romancing the Drone – The Last Rulebender

Senator Carl Levin stages an intervention for American drone policy, but the Obama administration refuses to admit it has a problem


  1. my ass off.  This is so on point.

    And if anyone still thinks that Obama is some kind of Democratic icon, they are deluded.

    Well, maybe not, since the Democrats have drifted way right of center.  When the Republicans accuse Obama of being a socialist, I do wonder what they have been drinking.

    The Democrats now are basically where the Republicans were before Reagan, or even to the right of that.  And the Republicans have gone completely off the rails.

    I want my country back.  I no longer recognize it.      🙁

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