Feb 25 2014

Politics is Uninspiring in the Age of Hopeful Delirium Affecting the Deranged Changed Masses

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They forgot what they said about getting involved to help out the lower and even middle classes. Instead, they make asses out of anyone who believed, thinking they achieved, something through the pretense of taking a stand for a brand.

The brand has been exposed, but they still chose to cling to the belief, while lashing out at those awake whom are no longer sheep. What will it take? We know what it won't take; believing in something fake, while showing disdain, for those awake and in pain, becoming sane once again. 

Barack Obama is a 1%er politician. He's not your friend or your family. He's nothing to you, and you are nothing to him, especially in your time of need. The same goes for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Only those around you, who needed someone to stand up for them, are your kin. But them you despise, as you cover for the lies, of a Rubinite administration pissing on what's left for the commoners in this nation. Shame on you. You shame everyone.

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