Apr 22 2014

TDS/TCR (Themistocles)

Long past time I moved this franchise anyway.


My, the atmosphere suddenly got a lot less stuffy.

So the boys are back and there’s going to be trouble.

I told you this franchise might be taking a different direction.

So, who’s on this week?

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

That?  Oh that’s just a small sample of the possibilities.

Try this one


As we all know Stephen Colbert is headed to CBS to take over from David Letterman.  That leaves the  11:30 pm spot behind Jon Stewart (also from his production company) open.  In these web exclusive videos we see the auditions of the current The Daily Show correspondents for this coveted position.

Admiral Zhao

Jessica Williams

Sam Bee

Jason Jones

I don’t know about you, but I think Jason Jones and Sam Bee are leaving to form a “Happy” News Team.

Hopefully Gina McCarthy is on to talk about climate change, or perhaps her 163 days in exile (ironic, isn’t it, how authoritarians of both supposed stripes always act the same).

Clearly Marcellus McRae and Kate Elliott are going to address Vergara v. California.

Vergara v. California is about protecting the right of every student in California to strong teaching and a quality education, as guaranteed by California’s Constitution. The plaintiffs in the case are nine public school students from across California. During trial, several Plaintiffs themselves testified about their educational experiences, offering a heartfelt perspective on what it is like to lose a passionate and inspiring teacher and how it feels to be stuck in the classroom with a grossly ineffective teacher.

At first glance Students Matter is just another oligarchic assault on Teacher’s Unions.  Make no mistake about it, this (like privatizing Social Security) is just another attempt for fascist corporate Billionaires to suck at the middle class tax payer’s tit.  Shame on them and shame on you too Stephen if you let them skate.

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