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Introducing Michael Che

Sherman Alexie

Gigi Ibrahim’s 3 part Web Exclusive extended interview below the fold.

Gigi Ibrahim

Next week’s guests-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Scientology is no more inherently stupid than Mormonism.  It’s no less stupid either.  However Tom Cruise won’t be on to talk about that or how he’s just as short as Jon Stewart.  Nope, he’ll be whoring Edge of Tomorrow which received some good reviews but I’m no more likely to see than Ender’s Game both because of the wackyness of the participants and the fact it’s a straight up rip-off of World War II with the part of Hitler and the Nazis played by aliens.

Yeah, you read that right.  Click the link if you don’t believe me.  Here’s a good piece by Chris Hayes about our need to replay the Good War.  It’s psycopathic really.  All about how for the last 70 years we’ve been wearing the black hats and jack boots.

Chrissie Hynde has been the lead vocalist of The Pretenders since it’s inception in 1978 and is the only original member left but she won’t be on to discuss that.  She has a new solo album called Stockholm featuring Neil Young and John McEnroe.

Big weekend ahead- Belmont and Circuit Jacques Villeneuve.


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  1. that is a plot by arms dealers.

  2. perpetual violence machine is the business plan.

  3. I thought that was Naugatuck.

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