TDS/TCR (Karl Rove Murders Gay Lover)


Millions for Porn, Not a Penny for Condoms

What?  That’s not what Thomas Jefferson said before authorizing the funds for the U.S.S. Constitution?  No wonder people look at me funny during Fleet Week.

Transuranic Mystery Flavor

The real news including the 3 part web exclusive interview with Hamid Al Bayati (.pdf), Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, below.

Hamid Al Bayati (.pdf)

This week’s guests-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

So Bill Maher gets on The View today and frivolously suggests that Karl Rove murdered his gay lover, the type of vile and scurrilous (and obviously untrue, where’s your fucking sense of humor) rumor I’m only too happy to traffic in since it drives people who think blogs are “serious news sources” that need to be constantly policed against “conspiracy theories” (“CT” stands for “Completely True” or Connecticut where we are only too happy to sell you a lump of wood and call it Nutmeg, why do you think it’s “The Nutmeg State”, we sure as hell don’t grow the stuff) nuts.

More concerning to me is that he felt compelled to play Devil’s Advocate to Glenn Greenwald who was on last week’s panel because the token Republican was so totally lame and outclassed.  Of course Glenn made him look like an idiot (which he frequently is, he’s certainly not within a mile of Glenn intellectually).

John Green is on as part of the promotional tour for The Fault in Our Stars which is based on his book of the same name.  It’s a rather sad coming of age story of the type I thoroughly hate, but he could be an interesting interview since Stephen is so superior to Jon in that regard (Jon and Bill will yuk it up and I’d be surprised if a single coherent word that’s not some kind of ‘inside comedy’ joke will be spoken).


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    The Obama apologists and historical revisionists want everyone to believe what Dick is now saying it’s all Obama’s fault.

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    There are a few they shouldn’t let out.

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