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2015 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 Day 1 Evening

7:00pm ESPN 1 South Carolina 31-2 8 Syracuse 22-9 South
7:00pm ESPN2 3 Oregon State 27-4 11 Gonzaga 25-7 West
9:00pm ESPN 1 Notre Dame 32-2 9 DePaul 27-7 Mid-West
9:00pm ESPN2 4 California 25-9 5 Texas 23-10 East

2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 Day 2 Evening

Sorry Kansas Fans (really, who are you?) I had a funeral.

No, I am not kidding.  Father of a friend.

This Evening’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
5:15pm CBS 2 Kansas 27-8 7 Wichita State 28-4 Mid-West
6:10pm TNT 3 Oklahoma 24-10 11 Dayton 26 – 8 East
7:10pm TBS 7 Iowa 21-11 2 Gonzaga 32-5 South
7:45pm True 1 Wisconsin 31-3 8 Oregon 25-9 West
8:40pm TNT 4 Maryland 27-6 5 West Virginia 23-9 Mid-West
9:40pm TBS 4 Louisville 24-8 5 UNI 30-3 East

Rant of the Week: Jon Stewart – Mighty Morphin Position Changers

Mighty Morphin Position Changers

Fox News fails to provide coverage of the Department of Justice report that revealed widespread systemic racism in the Ferguson police department.

2015 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 Day 1 Afternoon

Now with covenient breaks!

This Afternoon’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
12:00pm ESPN2 3 Iowa 25-7 11 Miami (Fla.) 20-12 Mid-West
12:00pm ESPN2 4 Duke 22-10 5 Mississippi St. 27-6 West
2:30pm ESPN2 2 Kentucky 24-9 7 Dayton 26-6 East
2:30pm ESPN2 2 Baylor 31-3 10 Arkansas 18-13 Mid-West

On This Day In History March 22

This is your morning Open Thread. Pour your favorite beverage and review the past and comment on the future.

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March 22 is the 81st day of the year (82nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 284 days remaining until the end of the year.

On this day in 1784, the Emerald Buddha is moved with great ceremony to its current place in Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand.

The Emerald Buddha is the palladium of the Kingdom of Thailand, a figurine of the sitting Buddha, made of green jadeite (rather than emerald), clothed in gold, and about 45 cm tall. It is kept in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) on the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

According to the legend, the Emerald Buddha was created in India in 43 BC by Nagasena in the city of Pataliputra (today’s Patna). The legends state that after remaining in Pataliputra for three hundred years, it was taken to Sri Lanka to save it from a civil war. In 457, King Anuruth of Burma sent a mission to Ceylon to ask for Buddhist scriptures and the Emerald Buddha, in order to support Buddhism in his country. These requests were granted, but the ship lost its way in a storm during the return voyage and landed in Cambodia. When the Thais captured Angkor Wat in 1432 (following the ravage of the bubonic plague), the Emerald Buddha was taken to Ayutthaya, Kamphaeng Phet, Laos and finally Chiang Rai, where the ruler of the city hid it. Cambodian historians recorded capture of the Buddha statue in their famous Preah Ko Preah Keo legend. However, some art historians describe the Emerald Buddha as belonging to the Chiang Saen Style of the 15th Century AD, which would mean it is actually of Lannathai origin.

Historical sources indicate that the statue surfaced in northern Thailand in the Lannathai kingdom in 1434. One account of its discovery tells that lightning struck a pagoda in a temple in Chiang Rai, after which, something became visible beneath the stucco. The Buddha was dug out, and the people believed the figurine to be made of emerald, hence its name. King Sam Fang Kaen of Lannathai wanted it in his capital, Chiang Mai, but the elephant carrying it insisted, on three separate occasions, on going instead to Lampang. This was taken as a divine sign and the Emerald Buddha stayed in Lampang until 1468, when it was finally moved to Chiang Mai, where it was kept at Wat Chedi Luang.

The Emerald Buddha remained in Chiang Mai until 1552, when it was taken to Luang Prabang, then the capital of the Lao kingdom of Lan Xang. Some years earlier, the crown prince of Lan Xang, Setthathirath, had been invited to occupy the vacant throne of Lannathai. However, Prince Setthathirath also became king of Lan Xang when his father, Photisarath, died. He returned home, taking the revered Buddha figure with him. In 1564, King Setthathirath moved it to his new capital at Vientiane.

In 1779, the Thai General Chao Phraya Chakri put down an insurrection, captured Vientiane and returned the Emerald Buddha to Siam, taking it with him to Thonburi. After he became King Rama I of Thailand, he moved the Emerald Buddha with great ceremony to its current home in Wat Phra Kaew on March 22, 1784. It is now kept in the main building of the temple, the Ubosoth.

2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 Day 2 Afternoon

Woo Hoo!  Huskies Rock!

Oh, guys.

This Afternoon’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
12:10pm CBS 2 Virginia 29-3 7 Michigan State 24-11 East
2:40pm CBS 1 Duke 29-4 8 San Diego State 26-8 South

Punting the Pundits: Sunday Preview Edition

Punting the Punditsis an Open Thread. It is a selection of editorials and opinions from around the news medium and the internet blogs. The intent is to provide a forum for your reactions and opinions, not just to the opinions presented, but to what ever you find important.

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The Sunday Talking Heads:

This Week with George Stephanopolis: The guests on Sunday’s “This Week” are: Homeland Security Committee chair Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX); former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney; NASA administrator Charles Bolden; former astronaut Buzz Aldrin; and astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly.

The roundtable guess are: CNN political commentator Van Jones; Rep. Tom Cole, (R-OK); host of NPR’s “Morning EditionSteve Inskeep; and ABC News’ Cokie Roberts.

Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer: Mr. Schieffer’s guests are: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN); Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI); and former NFL linebacker Chris Borland.

His panel guests are: Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, Michael Gerson, Washington Post; Michael Crowley, Politico. and CBS News State Department Correspondent Margaret Brennan.

Meet the Press with Chuck Todd: The guests on Sunday’s “MTP” are: Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United State; Dr. Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations; and Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA).

The roundtable guests are: Helene Cooper, The New York Times; Jane Harman, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Rich Lowry, The National Review; and John Stanton, Buzzfeed.

State of the Union: Gloria Borgia is this week’s host. Her guests are: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); and former congressman Barney Frank.

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

Pentagon investigates ‘IS online threat’ to US military



The US defence department says it is investigating an online threat allegedly made by Islamic State (IS) to about 100 of its military personnel.

A list of names and addresses was posted on a website linked to the group alongside a call for them to be killed.

The group said it obtained the information by hacking servers and databases but US officials said most of the data was in the public domain.

A US security source told the BBC that those on the list were being contacted.

The group, which called itself the Islamic State Hacking Division, said the personnel named had participated in US missions against IS.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Tony Blair joins a strange and exclusive club of political leaders whose careers have been blighted by the Middle East

The woman who leads a rebel Ukraine army unit

In Naples, Pope Francis encourages young to resist the Mafia

Indonesia leader eyes investment, defence on Japan trip

Tunisia airs video of gunmen in Bardo museum attack

The Breakfast Club (Covers)

Breakfast Tune: Punch Brothers cover The Cars

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Today in History

Britain enacts the Stamp Act on its American colonies; The ‘Garbage Barge’; Skater Tara Lipinski reaches the record books; The Beatles release ‘Please Please Me’; Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber born.

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