Oct 31 2015

We’re Back

It took longer than expected. Steeper learning curve and we are still learning. We are still working out the technical kinks and the tech folks at GoDaddy have been great. All the old stuff is still here, as are your user names. You will have to request for a new password when you log in.

The old URL will send you to the new WordPress sites. If it doesn’t look right, just click on “Home.”

Embedding YouTube videos has changed: Just put in the link not the embed code. I think it works the same in comments, at least I hope it does.


We are still working on the html coding for posts and comments. Some of what worked on Soapblox, such as center and scrollbox, doesn’t work here. We have to see if that can be fixed

It will take some adjusting, patience and we are all going to learn together.

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