Nov 14 2015

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A ‘Star Wars’-themed jet is flying across the world — here’s what it looks like inside


Japanese airlines All Nippon Airways (ANA) has teamed up with Disney to create an in-air experience that’s perfect for the ultimate “Star Wars” fan.

Covered in an R2-D2-like designs and a “Star Wars” logo on the outside, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft also has some fun galactic details inside, such as customized headrests, cups, and lighting. While in the air, passengers can even stream all six of the currently released “Star Wars” films.

Cosplayers, dressed up as characters from “Star Wars”, line to board an All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner JA873A named the “R2-D2 ANA JET” during a fan flight event.

The partnership is mainly for promoting the new “Star Wars” movie that comes out on December 25, but it’s also good exposure for ANA, who is trying to draw in more passengers of all ages from around the globe.



  • 12: Minimum number of elementary and junior high school students in Osaka who have suffered broken bones while forming human pyramids during the past year
  • 1.54 million: Units of a drug for treating athlete’s foot that Japanese pharmaceutical companies are recalling due to “a quality management flaw”
  • $810 million: Amount of aid pledged by the Japanese government this year to help refugees and internally displaced persons in Syria and Iraq—that’s triple the amount from 2014



  • Officials at ANA hope to attract more customers in North America by festooning their planes with Star Wars-themed livery.
  • At least five of Japan’s 11 domestic airlines no longer employ mechanics to carry out pre-takeoff inspections, instead relying on the plane’s captain to do the work alone.
  • The folks at JAXA have given a new name to asteroid 1999 JU3, which is the destination of the Hayabusa 2 space probe. The celestial rock is now called “Ryugu”—the name of an undersea palace in the Momotaro legend.


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New feature-length ‘One Piece’ anime to air in December

By Kay, RocketNews24

Eighteen years after making its serial debut in the Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine, Eiichiro Oda’s internationally popular manga/anime franchise “One Piece” is still going strong, even being turned into a kabuki performance this year.

Well, with the Holiday Season approaching, it seems “One Piece” fans will have a huge treat to look forward to just in time for Christmas. Yes, a brand new feature-length “One Piece” anime will air on TV next month, and details have just recently been released. The anime, titled “One Piece — Adventure of Nebulandia,” will be broadcast on Japanese national TV on Dec 19, and fans should be thrilled to see some familiar enemies from the past.

So, who’s coming back from a previous story line? Well, remember the Foxy Pirates — the group of pirates led by Foxy that was beaten by Luffy’s Straw Hat gang at the sinister game of “Davy Back Fight”? Well, apparently they haven’t forgotten the humiliation of their defeat, and after reaching the treacherous waters of the “New World”, they’ve been waiting for their chance to take their revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates.