Nov 13 2015

French Police: Coordinated Attacks Around Paris



What we know so far

This is Claire Phipps taking over from Kevin Rawlinson to continue our live coverage of the devastating attacks in Paris that have left at least 140 people dead.

The news is still unfolding, and casualty numbers are changing quickly.

But here is what we know at this stage:

  • A state of emergency has been declared across France, after at least 140 people were killed in terrorist attacks around Paris.
  • Shootings took place in a number of locations around the capital,including at least two restaurants and the Bataclan concert hall, with further explosions –reported to be two suicide attacks and a bombing – outside the Stade de France, where the national side were playing Germany in a football match.
  • About 100 people were taken hostage at Bataclan in the 11th arrondissement, in what is thought to be a coordinated attack.Security forces have now killed two attackers in the Bataclan concert hall but police report at least 118 people – many of them young people attending a rock concert – are believed to have died there.
  • French president François Hollande has ordered the closing of the country’s borders to prevent the escape of the attackers, who have so far not been apprehended.
  • Hollande said there were “unprecedented terror attacks under way in Paris” and authorities have warned residents to stay inside.
  • The Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said there had beensix separate terrorist attacks, beginning at around 9.30pm French time.


#BREAKING Around 100 dead in attack on Paris concert venue: police

12:12 AM – 14 Nov 2015

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Two gunmen killed at the Bataclan – AP

• French radio reporter Julien Pearce was inside the Bataclan theater when gunmen entered. Two men dressed in black started shooting what he described as AK-47s, and after wounded people fell to the floor, the two gunmen shot them again, execution-style, he said. The two men didn’t wear masks and didn’t say anything. The gunfire lasted 10 to 15 minutes, sending the crowd inside the small concert hall into a screaming panic, said Pearce, who escaped. He said he saw 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor. The hostage situation at the Bataclan continued early Saturday.

• One of the explosions at the Stade de France outside Paris appears to be a suicide bombing, a Western intelligence source receiving direct intelligence from the scene told CNN’s Deb Feyerick. A dismembered body, consistent with the aftermath of an explosion from that type of device, was found at the scene, the source said.

Shots and explosions heard at the Bataclan

‘Assault on Bataclan underway’

An assault of the Bataclan concert venue is under way, tweets Libération journalist Matthieu Ecoiffier.

It is reported that there are between 60 and 100 hostages inside.

Assault en course au Bataclan

Matthieu Ecoiffier


Assault en course au Bataclan


The California band Eagles of Death Metal were playing a concert  at Paris’ Le Bataclan concert hall

Reportedly there are many dead inside the concert hall along with hundreds of hostages.

  • 8 minutes ago

    The Independent’s correspondent in Paris has just filed describing the scenes as what is fast being described as a “coordinated” series of attacks across the capital.  

    Witnesses have described a lone gunman who “sprayed the bars with bullets, leaving
    several customers dead or wounded.”

  • 12 minutes ago

    There are unconfirmed reports as many as 60 people are being held by gunmen in the Bataclan concert hall. 

    Meanwhile, Associated Press is reporting as many as 26 people have been killed in  multiple shootings around the capital.

PM: I am shocked by events in Paris tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people. We will do whatever we can to help.

At least 18 people have been killed after a gunman opened fired with a Kalasnhnikov at a restaurant in Paris, French police have said.

French police officials said there have also been two explosions near the Stade de France stadium where a France-Germany friendly football match was taking place.

It was unclear if the events were linked.

Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland, reporting from Paris, said police had confirmed there was a hostage situation at a concert hall in the city.

Police evacuated people from all bars and restaurants in the area of the 10th and 11th arround issment, a popular part of Paris with young people and tourists.

French President Francois Hollande and his interior minister rushed to the ministry to deal with the unfolding situation, an official said.

From The BBC

A BBC journalist at the Petit Cambodge restaurant says he can see 10 people on the road either dead or seriously injured.

He says police have now arrived and sealed off the area.

An eyewitness told Liberation he had heard more than 100 rounds being fired.


It says the gunman has fled the scene.


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