Jan 24 2016

National Conference Championship 2015: Cardinals at Panthers

Recognize anyone on the Panthers? Neither do I. Recognize anyone on the Cardinals? Neither do I.

Now you can blame this on my utter disdain for Throwball (second only to my contempt for Turn Left Racing, the most popular sport by gate in the United States) and it would probably would be true, but the organizations and ‘sport’ have so much to despise that it’s hard to contain myself.

And they are wildly watched by fans of physical injury which says as much about our culture as the Gladiatorial Games do about the Romans (oddly enough they weren’t as violent as the chariot races, go figure).

I cover them because they are good blogging- short diaries, lots of comments, when they’re over they are done. They display the capability of the platform for extended and contentious conversation (the verdict on WordPress is still out).

On paper the Panthers win in a walk and they are my pick for NFL Championship L (you know assholes, Roman numerals are not that hard to grasp and while the superiority of Hindu and Arabic positional notation for actual, you know, math, there’s no reason to dumb it down now despite poisoning a generation of Black kids in Michigan to be stupid and angry just the way Romans were- this is your next generation of concussion fodder), still even if it’s the Cardinals, AFC got nothing but 2 doddering idiots.


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  1. ek hornbeck

    Vent Hole

  2. TMC

    The National Anthem. This time by some group I don’t recognize who can’t sing. At least they spared us the off key high notes at the end

  3. ek hornbeck

    Cardinals get the toss

  4. ek hornbeck

    From their 20

  5. TMC

    Cards receiving

  6. TMC

    Cards: 4th down

    Panthers @own 34

  7. TMC

    Panters: 1st & 10 @ AZ 49

  8. TMC

    Panters: 1st & 10 @ AZ 35

  9. TMC

    Panthers: 45 yd FG attempt is GOOD

    Panthers 3 – Cardinals 0

  10. TMC

    I really don’t care which of these teams wins.

    I mean really Arizona – South Carolina. ugh

  11. TMC

    Cards: Touchback. 1st & 10 @ own 20

  12. BobbyK

    Go Panthers.

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