Feb 07 2016

Superb Owl: Puppy Bowl XII v. Kitten Bowl III

Cutemageddon Madness!!!

I’m not much given to hyperbole but this afternoon’s matchup between the Senior League on Animal Planet and the Junior League on Hallmark has all the rivalry and excitement of the classic matchups of the National and American Throwball League Championships of the early 60s, before they became faceless and uninteresting cogs of the same corporate marketing machine.

The Juniors have an open, free-wheeling style with much less bowl drinking, butt sniffing, and poopie dropping action than the more staid Seniors and their vicious apex predator play makes the team concept seem a little more relaxed than the pack instincts of their rivals who in most cases appear intimidated in one on one matchups with their generally smaller competitors. They do get distracted by grooming and the cruel fans with their laser pointers.

Just as I was with the ABA (Go Nets!) I must admit I am impressed with their play, unlike my position on Baseball (the DH is an abomination, might as well be playing T-Ball for which registration is now open in Stars Hollow).

Other than that they are exactly identical (well, the Kitties have Boomer Esiason as their celebrity commentator but they don’t have Chicken Cheerleaders, Hamster wheel power, and Meep the Bird for the obvious reason) down to the Kittie Halftime Show.

I suspect more attention will be paid to the Ruffs v. Fluffs meeting than the Bobcats v. Felines; however, since they’re both on endless repeat today, I urge you to give both a try if you have enough insulin on hand.

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