The Daily Late Nightly Show (Darts!)

So Trevor and Larry are taking Presidents’ Week off (all repeats) which makes my life easier in that I have less to look up and my deadline is relaxed to 11:30 pm ET. On the other hand I’m not really expecting I’m going to be able to keep my eyes open all the way through it and certainly not tonight because it’s been a very looong day and I am extremely tired.

Still, you never know.

Mr. Mainstream

Trouble in Pottersville

Stephen’s guests this week are-

Just as much beer as Bowling only you don’t have to wear someone else’s shoes.

I don’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned that I’m a competitive Dart Player but I am. The Team sponsored by my Club was League Champions one year. I’m a much better player than my rating would suggest because I deliberately avoid Tons and other scores that raise it. My favorite game is Cricket because there’s a lot of strategy involved in scoring and close outs.

That said I’m not as good as some. I remember one night we were practicing and a couple of strangers asked if they could get in. Sure, we’re friendly folk.

They crushed us like bugs. 180 every round, three Triples at Cricket. Our Star Player, at least he thought so, was late so we bought these guys a beer and said- “You think you can sandbag him?”

No problem.

They almost hit everything they aimed at until he had what he thought was an insurmountable lead. Then the hammer dropped.

They were really good sports and gave us a couple of tips that elevated at least my game.

Anyway, tonight Stephen hosts Scott Waites who is the current World Champion. He’s not a full time Pro, he has a day job as a carpenter, but I’ve seen him play and he’s very, very good.


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