The Daily Late Nightly Show (National Semi-Finals and Formula One)

Mr. Mainstream

Wheel of News IV

Fairy Tales (With Guns)


Stephen’s last guests this week are-

Steve Buscemi will be talking about either Oppenheimer Strategies, his new movie, or his television work in Horace and Pete of Bob’s Burgers.

Benjamin Walker will be whoring his flick, The Choice.

This weekend I’ll be covering the Men’s and Women’s National Championship Semi-Finals and Formula One in Bahrain.


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. Late racing

  3. April fool’s

  4. April Fools

  5. Friday Night Fights

  6. Rob Riggle

  7. Casper v. the girl from The Ring- Riggle says Casper

  8. Wildcat v. Orange v. Sooner v. Tarheel- Riggle says Orange

  9. Sooner’s may bore aponent to death.

  10. Buscemi

  11. 2 Segments

  12. John Kasich “Fargo” sketch.

  13. Collective plural.

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