The Daily Late Nightly Show (All Hands On Deck- And Men’s Finals)

Not much focus on the shows tonight. Everyone is back except for Samantha Bee who has been bumped for the Championships. I’ll be watching Villanova thrash North Carolina and enjoying every second of it, especially since they dumped my Orangemen.

Also it gives me an excuse (not that I needed any) to avoid Debbie Wasserman Schultz who might as well be a Republican instead of Head of the DNC.

The New Guy

Third Month Mania


Police Brutality

Between The Scenes




Trevor’s guests This Week are-

Mr. Continuity

March Badness


Larry’s panelists This Week are-

Mr. Mainstream

April Fools

Rob Riggle

Stephen’s guests This Week are-

Matthew Perry will be on to promote the new Odd Couple. Why?

Nick Offerman will be shilling The Founder.

Friday is repeat day. Again. Friday is repeat day. Again.


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