Apr 05 2016

The Daily Late Nightly Show (UConn Huskys!)

U – Conn Husky, symbol of might to the foe.
Fight, fight Connecticut, It’s vict’ry, Let’s go.

Connecticut U – Conn Husky,
vict’ry again for the White and Blue

So go – go – go Connecticut, Connecticut U.
C – O – N – N – E – C – T – I – C – U – T
Connecticut, Connecticut Husky, Connecticut Husky
Connecticut C – O – N – N – U! Fight!

Of course I’ve got my gloat on. Once again not playing much attention to the crew.

And the Villanova Balhogs are triumphant. Since nobody got the bonus question, it’s from Bored of the Rings, a Tolkien parody by the Harvard Lampoon.

The New Guy


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Must Go!(Exclusive Extended)

Trevor’s guests This Week are-

Mr. Continuity

Confederate Heritage Month

Thomas Frank

Larry’s panelists This Week are-

Mr. Mainstream

Opening Day



Stephen’s guests This Week are-

Well, you know, all female Ghostbusters, there’s nothing wrong with it as a concept. I just feel bad that Harold Ramis is dead.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone will be promoting The Boss.

Friday is repeat day. Again. Friday is repeat day. Again.

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