The Daily Late Nightly Show (Bernie, Bernie, Bernie)

The New Guy

Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper

Jessica Williams and Ronnie Chieng

Trevor’s guests this Week are-

Ken Jeong will probably want to talk about Norm of the North or Dr. Ken.

Mr. Continuity

Franchesca Ramsey


Larry’s panelists this Week are-

Bernie Sanders walked the picket line at Verizon today and held a big rally in Washington Square this evening.

Mr. Mainstream

A week of repeats. Again. A week of repeats. Again.


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. 27k in Washington Square. That’s pretty respectable.

  3. We race

  4. North Korea

  5. Hastert

  6. The Trump Network

  7. MOZ

  8. Billionaires

  9. New York Values

  10. Bernie

  11. More Bernie

  12. Card Tricks

  13. Bernie with Larry again.

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