The Daily Late Nightly Show (Frustrated)

Well, I must say that Larry seems to be taking this news better than I am. I’ve been in a total funk and this is not the only or central issue contributing. Among other things I’m going to have to get dead serious about maintaining Windows 7 without Microsoft spyware (today’s installment? You can no longer escape spyware updates by simply refusing them, which is tough enough given their cryptic and misleading names and descriptions, no, as of October updates are all inclusive bundles with the spyware included) and the purported takeover by James Corden of the Late Show (because Stephen doesn’t appeal to the twitter/snapchat/instagram crowd the way Justin Bieber does, though Justin has just quit Instagram over his public flame war with Selena Gomez. He was ranked #6 or something. Just typing that makes me feel stupider.).

Not everything is about politics. Some of it is heat and general grumpiness.

I’ve been behind Larry since the start some 20 months ago and he goes against Stephen head to head. In my opinion he is the strongest performer of the 3 late night hosts during that time period (I’m talking 20 months, not late night). Trevor is weak and worthless and Stephen is only Stephen when he is.

Frustrated and angry at this turn of events I find very little on Comedy Central other than female comics working blue and mindless roasts of Justin Bieber (#3 rated celebrity roast ever on CC) or stunts too idiotic and dangerous for Jackass.

People claim this is the wave of the future in a young, young, young hyper-connected world. I think those people are easily distracted dolts and they’re mostly older than the less elderly (what about 120+ do you not understand? My bursitis and gout won’t keep you from a vigorous caning, you whippersnapper.) they think they’re understanding.

I do relate to that generation on occasion, mostly when I’m getting a new tat or ring. Don’t be squicked.

In fact most of the ones I meet are thoughtful, intelligent, nice folks who are overwhelmed and very, very angry.

I felt Larry spoke to that demographic and was extremely diplomatic about it in an almost Cosbyesque manner (no, I haven’t forgotten about you motherfucker! I’m talking about your art, not your sordid and abusive personal life.). Too hard on race? Probably not hard enough.

Readers, for me this represents the true end of an era. Of them all Larry was the closest to Jon Stewart’s spiritual heir. Not that I liked Jon that much, he was a squish. Even at the height of his power Stephen was a reaction to Jon and now is hardly anything but an acceptable Letterman replacement (not to denigrate David and to the pioneering work he did and if you don’t think so try watching some Johnny Carson and Jay Leno). Trevor (unfortunately) is a sad clown, easily outpaced by every single correspondent on his staff including the late and lamented Jessica Williams (she’s still alive, just doesn’t work for CC anymore).

The gems they let slip are Samantha Bee and John Oliver (and Rob Corddry who’s doing this entirely non-political, surrealistic comedy called Childrens’ Hospital that I may draw to your attention at some point).

Sigh. This is beyond dumb. Yeah you’re going to slide up @midnight which has its own charms but Chris Hardwick doesn’t cut it on the political stuff (though they do quite well surfing), otherwise you are the network of Fart Jokes, Three Stooges Personal Injury Lawsuits, and Televised Flame Wars.

Man, you are lower than Cartoon Network and they have Aqua Teen Hunger Force (of course you have South Park which is worse).


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