True Confessions

I have a confession. I have a subscription to the New York Times. I get the paper delivered on Saturday and Sunday. With that I get unlimited internet access. I used to have it delivered daily. In truth, I very rarely read the print edition, or do the Sunday crossword, nor does anyone in my family. You might ask why I’m “confessing” this. As a person, who leans farther left than the NYT trends, I find their “reporting” pretty lacking from the obvious collusion with the Bush administration with Judith Miller being spoon fed propaganda on the run up to the Iraq war, their cozying up to the Pentagon and Obama administration by withholding news stories to their relentless double standard about the Clintons (The Clinton Rules) especially Hillary.

But I need the paper to line cat litter boxes. We have four kitties, all rescues and three litter boxes. Any one who has indoor pets know that absorption is essential. The paper under the litter acts as a second barrier which reduces the frequency the boxes need changing and hosing out. It also cuts the time it takes to change the litter. I just slide the box into a large trash bag, lift and flip the bag. A Voila! I could subscribe to my local right wing rag, or the NY Daily News or the Murdoch rag, the NY Post but the quality of the paper to absorb pee is lacking. So the NYT it is. Only the best for my best furry friends.

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