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Mar 31 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: A Brief Pause

Right now the nation is in the midst of a pandemic with the news looking grimmer each day. The crisis has effected everyone with closures of schools, restaurants, places of worship, parks, and gyms. Rules are in place on travel, staying home and keeping distance from others. Don’t forget to wash you hands for at …

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Mar 21 2020

Cut His Mike

Donald Trump’s life blood is the news media, especially cable news, since he doesn’t read. Since he took residence in the people’s house, he has manipulated the them to send his message to the followers of his cult and campaign for his reelection. When some of the cable news outlets stopped televising his sporadic lie …

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Mar 17 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: 4 States Minus One – 441 Delegates

There were four states scheduled to vote today, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. On Monday, Ohio has “postponed” its primary citing the outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus. There are 441 delegates at stake in the three remaining states that were all won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Washington state’s primary was called for Vice …

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Mar 15 2020

Democratic Presidential Debate 2020: Biden V. Sanders

The Democratic field for presidential candidates has been winnowed down to two: former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Tonightis the first Democratic debate that will be one on one with the two septuagenarian white men. The debate was moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington DC and there will be no audience …

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Mar 14 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: Northern Mariana Islands Convention

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I) won the the Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses Saturday. A small string of islands in the Pacific, that has been a US territory since 1975, will send six delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July. As a territory, the Northern Mariana Islands gets a voice in the primary, but not …

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Mar 10 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: 6 More States – 352 Delegates

There are six states holding primaries today that will bestow another 352 delegates to the only three candidates left in the race: former Vice President Joe Biden; Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT); and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). Currently. Mr. Biden leads in the count with 664 delegates to Mr. Sanders’ 573 and Ms. Gabbard’s 2. Mr. …

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Mar 09 2020

Pondering the Pundits

Pondering the Pundits” is an Open Thread. It is a selection of editorials and opinions from around the news media and the internet blogs. The intent is to provide a forum for your reactions and opinions, not just to the opinions presented, but to what ever you find important. Thanks to ek hornbeck, click on …

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Mar 05 2020

Chief Justice of Hypocrisy

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is outraged, outraged I say, about Senate Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s criticism of the two associate justices appointed by Donald Trump, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch. On Wednesday, March 4, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments in a case involving a Louisiana anti-abortion …

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Mar 05 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: Now There Are Two

This morning after considering her next move after Tuesday’s primaries, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced she was suspending her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. “I will not be running for president in 2020, but I guarantee I will stay in the fight,” Warren told reporters and supporters outside her Cambridge, Mass., home. In emotional remarks, …

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Mar 04 2020

No Neutrals

“Which Side Are You On?” Pete Seeger’s live version of “Which Side Are You On?” – a song written by Florence Reece in 1931- was released on ‘Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits’ album in 1967. Reece was the wife of Sam Reece, a union organizer for the United Mine Workers in Harlan County, Kentucky. In 1931, …

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