Nov 30 2016

Why The Rory Hate?

I always identified more with Lorelai, to me the interesting thing about the show was her relationship with Richard and Emily. I felt it mirrored some of my connections with my parents which may seem pretty Ozzie and Harriet on the surface but which, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know were dark and twisted enough to produce someone as obnoxious as I am.

I think I identified with the disappointment factor. I have all the skills and polish an upbringing and education of rare privilege can provide. I can ski and sew, I can properly place a table setting (cutlery, china, and crystal) and eat from it, I can put up a tent and start a friction fire (please don’t, it’s physically hard and mind numbingly boring).

I have taken the Poet’s Pledge-

To be peculiar in the most unusual way I can cook up
To write excellently, or more especially to be known to write excellently
To master bards of old and bards anew, or at least never give on that I haven’t
To advance in gestures of my own and not in the stirrings of a majority, except where money is at stake
To be perceived as morally suspect, no matter what the truth
To sniff at adulation and pooh-pooh honors no matter how much I crave them
To obey whim and eschew duty, or at least appear to
To rove ruffian-like across continents of poems with ease, or at least make them think so
To engage in ridiculous arguments, all hot and sweaty for my own position
To be judicious only in the judging of my own merits and mean about the others
To die young, or if I linger, to be ignored and abused well
To write tons of crap for every good poem I do write, and obfuscate the difference with rhetoric
To suck up to important editors with honeyed words, and cuff the assistant editors often
To bemoan the sorry state of poetry in my country and do not one damn thing about it
To speak so incoherently that everyone thinks I am a genius

Oh, did I mention that I write? That particular part is not original but I’ve never had great success sourcing it. I suppose this leaves me open to the accusation I’m a great writer but a poor reporter which bothers me not at all because I’m not a reporter.

I’m a critic.

And at that I’m a better journalist than most, actually I’ve won awards and stuff.

But the point of this is that I’m just as big a great screaming disappointment to my Richard and Emily (who did the best they could) as if I’d gotten pregnant at 16 and run away. I’m bright and talented enough but I’ve squandered it on passing fancies that I only wish were romantic passionate torrid encounters (or even some tawdry, sweaty, and cramped backseat sex) resulting in a very bright and talented child.

Whom in turn you expect to do… what?

If anything the controversy over Rory has made me more sympathetic to her. Do you expect her to redeem Lorelai’s failures or the Gilmore family name?

Number one- Lorelai is not a failure on any level. She’s a highly successful business woman who provided her child with every advantage and has a circle of people who love her (yeah, it would have been better if Sookie Not Appearing In This Episode were simply glossed over as busy with her own thing and closer to the truth at that).

Secondly- Rory is not obligated to be anything in particular. She already kicked ass in the DAR, do you think she should become an actuary like Richard? Yes I realize that he was not an office drone, he was one of those I regularly deride as Banksters- you don’t get a mansion in Hartford without screwing the poor people who give you money by denying their claims or insuring obscure derivatives that foreclose their homes. Ed Herrmann, who was by all accounts a pretty nice guy, would probably be the first to agree with me.

She’s 32 years old and unfocused? She’s questioning whether the profession she idealized as a child is actually her life goal?

Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits— a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.- Stockton

I think instead that is the reason so many Legacy Media voices are upset. You have to lick boots and put out to claw your way to the top by kicking down and sucking up. How dare Rory sleep with a source!

I’d call you whores and probably have but sex workers have far more integrity so to them I sincerely apologize.

If you’re a general fan and upset by #TeamLogan and sympathetic with Odette or freaked out by furries I say get a grip- women have sex, and they like it (or maybe not but if you’re emotionally supportive enough they’ll pretend to and get their jollies elsewhere) JUST LIKE GUYS DO! It’s 2016 not 1837 and the French don’t buy into that Victorian crap anyway. Grow up! Oh, and obviously the money that supports her lifestyle is Huntzberger. They can afford it, but so can the Gilmores.

The question I have is- “Are you living vicariously through Rory?”

I mean, she’s a fictional character but people who are exceptional fail all the time and one of the worst burdens (which I am still working out) is the guilt you feel for not being someone’s perfect vision of you, even if that vision is your own.

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