Jan 07 2017

Throwball Playoff Wild Card Game: Lions @ Seahawks

Well, if you hate Microsoft (which I do, with the passionate intensity of a Galaxy of Blue Super-Giant Suns) then you should hate the Seahawks which is owned by Bill Gates’ more evil (as if that were possible) twin, Paul Allen. But TMC likes them so I cut them some slack.

You might be justified, knowing that and factoring in my half troll, pure ‘gander down to my birth heritage that I favor the Lions who’s record of Throwball haplessness is exceeded only by the Cardinals.

Not so. Next to the hated Bears (Godless Killing Machines) they are the bitterest rivals of my beloved Packers (Cheeseheads-Yay!).

While it look fairly equal on the record (10 – 5 – 1 v. 9 – 7) the Seahawks are 9 – 0 in Home Playoff games in the last 12 years and the Lions have never, ever (0 – 10) won on the road in the 51 years of the Super Bowl Era. Also they suck outdoors

So Lions fans- your playoff was last week against the Cheeseheads (Yay!) and you lost, lost, lost.

Hey, it wouldn’t be Throwball without a little trash talk.

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