Jan 08 2017

Eros (No Spoilers)

The sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs, as sublimated impulses, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind — compare death instinct.

All y’all better have written your way out of this one because a world of whupass is about to open up if you didn’t.

(C’mon, I watch Sherlock and you’re missing out if you don’t. Besides, it’s my site, I can post what I like no matter how trite- ek).

Or maybe the more limited and butch Euros.

“Poseidon massed the clouds, clutched his trident and churned the ocean up; he roused all the blasts of all the Anemoi and swathed earth and sea alike in clouds; down from the sky rushed the dark. Euros and Notos clashed together, the stormy Zephyros and the sky-born billow-driving Boreas

Oh that? Homer. Tolkien-

You left the East Wind to me,but I will say naught of it.

That is as it should be. In Minas Tirith they endure the East Wind, but they do not ask it for tidings.

It is a chill wind that blows from the Steppes, rare and unnatural.

Sherlock is not a Sociopath. He does not “lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience”. On the contrary he suffers a hyper abundance of it. Consider his amusements. Consulting Detective is vastly removed from nerdy crossword solver (Imitation Game). He keeps a PTSD Afghan War Vet as a pet. I’d argue that this indicated some “sense of moral responsibility or social conscience”.

What Sherlock suffers from is Aspergers.

C’mon, this is the Internet. 90% of the people I meet here are damaged (I’m underestimating to be polite) and so am I. We wash up at World’s End and start talking to ourselves or Crab Stones. I’m a solid 34 on the spectrum, and I’m not counting my regular anxiety and depression (not just seasonal). There are billions who are worse off than I so your pity is wasted. I pass as normal, but I’m a good actor.

My point is I know what “High Functioning” is about. It’s about putting on your Harrison Bergeron fetters and chains and pretending everything’s normal.

Well, that may be you but it’s not me.

Differentness makes me… different. If you have any luck you’re not like me at all, probably you’re your own unique self that I barely identify with except in the most shallow and superficial way. Hey, at least I have “shallow and superficial” mastered.

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