Jan 22 2017

Throwball Conference Championships

Just because I’m writing doesn’t mean I have anymore time than I told you about Friday. Tomorrow we are still traveling and posting (at least mine) will be non-existant. Also I’ll not attempt to live blog even the game I like as I’ll be too busy watching it and after it’s over I have a family dinner to attend and then I’ll need to pack for an early escape.

Now the game I like.

I was sitting around after dinner with my Cousin and her two kids and they were being kind of self absorbed so she pulled out a game of conversation starters where each person has to answer in turns and it helps cut down on the cross talk and monopolism.

Not on the list of questions both her childen were interested in TMC’s and my favorite Throwball teams. The answer is the same- Packers.


Well, because the Packers are the only community owner team in Professional Sports. Any Professional Sport. Shares are issued to raise money when needed for things like Stadium upgrades, no dividends are ever paid. You get no breaks on Season Tickets or any other perks. You get some control over the Board that operates the team, but not much.

And that’s it.

They will never leave Green Bay and they will never be sold. Yet somehow they manage to produce a pretty competitive team, more so then the ‘Boys.

That, and the fact I’m only Half Troll (Mom is from Under the Bridge) is why I like the Packers and always will.

I suppose the Falcons are a pretty good team but it doesn’t matter to me- Green Bay all the way.

Coverage 3 pm on Fox.

The game I don’t like so much

It’s not that I like the Steelers as it is, contra-indicated by my Stars Hollow location, I hate the Patsies. Now those of you who have come to Patsies hate recently may be jealous of their success, or consider Tom Brady an egotistical weasel and bully (as so many Professional Throwball players are). You may consider them cheaters, stealing playbooks, eavesdropping others radio transmissions, and underinflating Balls (all true). If you have come to hate the Patsies earlier it could by because of the perfidy of Bill Belichick.

I have been hating the Patsies a looong time, since Kraft got the City of Hartford to invest Millions of Dollars in feasibility studies, Stadium designs, and presentations to lure the Patsies from Foxboro, cynically manipulated by Kraft simply to extract a better deal from Foxboro.

Screw you Patsies! I hope the Steelers crush you like bugs.

Coverage at 6:30 pm on CBS

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