Sausage Grinder of Snark (Blast from the Past)

As Stephen says, sometimes the Comedy Train has left the Station and these tired Hobo legs didn’t catch the caboose. Tonight I have reached back for 2 recent clips (though not from the most recent show, yesterday).

‘On Notice’ is highlighted because I always liked that bit even when Top Gear stole it; and also because Copyrights, Trademarks, and Plagiarism are always current topics over at Tech Dirt, one of my favorite sites.

The Samantha Bee piece is at the end even though she vastly underestimates the crowd size at the Women’s March on Washington (second highest Metro day ever, after the 2009 Obama Inauguration, and over 145,000 arrived by bus and had to walk from RFK Stadium where they parked because there is no nearby Station) as it is customary to put your musical pieces there and the ad hoc group of vocalists concluding the segment are truly fantastic.

Seth Meyers- A Closer Look 2/6/17

Colbert: Bowling Green Truther 2/6/17

Colbert: Voter Fraud 2/6/17

Colbert: Trump Copyright Infringement / Return of ‘On Notice’ 2/3/17

Samantha Bee: Who March? 1/25/17

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