Mar 14 2017

March Madness: 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Play In- Day 1

Ok, we’re going to try and do this as we have in recent years, publishing results from the previous round and listing the upcoming games. Each team is linked to its home site and record from there so you can see how they’ve performed this season (which is not an indicator of how they’ll do in any particular contest). The Rounds of 64 and 32 are always hectic because they stretch from noonish to after midnight and coverage is on 4 Networks, CBS, TBS, TNT, and True (I refuse to be baited by cutesey trademarkable misspellings), Also there’s the fact the Women’s (far more entertaining) Tournament runs concurrently and you end up with 32 games a day in the first round and 16 a day in the second (That’s 130 in total).

So while I watch a fair amount experience has shown me I can’t attempt to live blog every game and I don’t bother to try any more. Indeed should life intrude as it frequently does I’ll skip days entirely. This is not a trivial effort, it’s the most difficult thing I do technically each year. Consider, I have to look up 132 Teams and their records just to get started.

I also try to enjoy it. If there is a team of interest I’ll provide commentary, you can too. This gets more frequent as the field dwindles. I hope yours do well, I make no apologies for mine.

Tonight we have 2 Play In games on the Men’s side, there will be 2 more tomorrow.

Time Network Seed Team Record Seed Team Record
6:40 p.m. True 11 New Orleans 20 – 11 11 Mt. St. Mary’s 19 – 15
9:10 p.m. True 16 Wake Forest 19 – 13 16 Kansas State 20 – 13


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  1. ek hornbeck

    Vent Hole

  2. ek hornbeck

    Mt. St. Mary’s in Blue New Orleans in White

  3. ek hornbeck

    Mt. St. Mary’s wins the tip

  4. ek hornbeck

    Newe Orleans scores 1st at 18:45

  5. TMC

    At Halftime:

    Mt. St. Mary’s 32 – New Orleans 29

  6. TMC

    Final: Mt. St. Mary’s 67 – New Orleans 66

    Mt. St. Mary’s will face #1 Villanova on Thursday

  7. ek hornbeck

    Wake Forest in White Kansas State in Blue

  8. ek hornbeck

    Wake Forest wins the tip

  9. ek hornbeck

    Kansas State scores first at 18:55

  10. TMC

    At the start of the Wake Forrest – Kansas State game, Kansas St. scores first less than 40 seconds into the game

  11. TMC

    At Halftime:

    Kansas St. 40 – Wake Forest 36

  12. TMC


    Kansas St. 95 – Wake Forest 88

    Kansas St. will go up against #6 Cincinnati on Friday.

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