Mar 31 2017

March Madness: 2017 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Semifinals (Round of 4)

7:30 ESPN2 South Carolina-Stanford

First of all, South Carolina. Secondly Stanford (whom I’d normally root against because they tolerate Condoleezza Rice) because it sets up the Samuelson sibling matchup.

9:30 ESPN2 UConn-Mississippi State

C’mon. What about ‘Go Huskies!’ are we not understanding?

UConn Husky, symbol of might to the foe.
Fight, fight Connecticut, It’s vict’ry, Let’s go.
Connecticut UConn Husky,
Do it again for the White and Blue
So go–go–go Connecticut, Connecticut U.
Connecticut, Conneticut Husky, Connecticut Husky
Connecticut C-O-N-N-U!


U-Conn Husky!

That said, Mississippi State is dangerous and UConn has not played them this season.


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  1. ek hornbeck

    Vent Hole

  2. ek hornbeck

    Stanford in Black South Carolina in White

  3. ek hornbeck

    South Carolina wins the tip

  4. ek hornbeck

    Stanford scores first

  5. ek hornbeck

    South Carolina 14 – 12 at the 1st Quarter

  6. ek hornbeck

    Stanford 29 – 20 at the Half

  7. ek hornbeck

    South Carolina 41 – 37 end of 3rd Quarter

  8. ek hornbeck

    South Carolina 53 – 50 2 to Play

  9. ek hornbeck

    South Carolina 62 – 53 Final

  10. ek hornbeck

    UConn in White Mississippi State in Purple

    1. TMC


  11. BobbyK

    Go Huskies!

  12. ek hornbeck

    UConn wins the tip

  13. ek hornbeck

    Mississippi State scores first

  14. ek hornbeck

    Mississippi State 22 – 13 end of 1st Quarter

  15. ek hornbeck

    Mississippi State 36 – 28 at the Half

  16. BobbyK


  17. BobbyK

    This is what I get for being overconfident.

  18. ek hornbeck

    Tied at 48 End of 3rd Quarter

  19. BobbyK

    Wow. Uconn was right to be worried about mississippi.

  20. BobbyK

    Uconn is really rushing their shots.

  21. ek hornbeck

    UConn 59 – 56 2 to Play

  22. BobbyK

    What a game!

  23. ek hornbeck

    Overtime @ 60

  24. ek hornbeck

    Mississippi 66 – 64 Final

  25. BobbyK

    Wait till next year.

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