May 13 2017

Follow The Money

It can not be good news for The Donald that this early in the investigations of his Administration Congressional, Department of Justice, and FBI investigators are heeding the advice of “Deep Throat” and following the money.

I don’t have great faith that any of those institutions will lay a glove on him as long as Congress remains in the control of the Republicans and the DoJ and FBI are emasculated and captured by the fiat dictates of the Executive despite the optimistic assessments of Institutional Democrats.

But there are alternate ways for the truth to come out.

In other countries the Media is not quite as sycophantic, subservient, and lazy as it is the United States (well, they are actually but their motivations are different and not all of them love U.S.) This particular documentary is from the Dutch Network Zembla.

(h/t Steven Rosenfeld @ AlterNet)

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