Jun 10 2017

Alone In The Kitchen With An Old Frenchman

Recently French chef Jacques Pépin turned 80 and retired. Over the years, he educated viewers of Public Television on how to cook and, something that no other cooking show host has done, techniques in the kitchen with wisdom, humor and a smattering of French lessons. As Gilad Edelman wrote in a Slate article, this man will teach you how to cook

Fowl Play

Bold flavors make Jacques’ Turkey Cutlets in Anchovy-Lemon Sauce a winner. Shorey, Jacques’ granddaughter, is ready to dive into her serving. Claudine assists her father as they make Grilled Chicken with Tarragon Butter. Lastly, Jacques reveals a simple way to bone out a chicken and makes a Ballottine of Chicken with Spinach Filling.

Web extra recipe from book: Roast Capon with Armagnac-Mushroom Sauce

Ballottine of Chicken with Spinach Filling

A ballottine is a whole chicken that has been boned and stuffed. Showy enough for company, it can be prepared up to a day ahead.

Roast Capon with Armagnac-Mushroom Sauce

Wine and mushrooms combine with the reduced juices of the chicken and Armagnac to make this dish rich and elegant.