Aug 02 2017

Eric Trump- Smartest Person In The Administration

Yes, it’s all a cunning plot, an 11 dimensional chess game if you will, designed to string us along and get us to misunderestimate him so he can take over the World!

I really hate Cat’s In The Cradle, liking it is similar to saying Jurassic Bark is your favorite episode of Futurama (everybody knows the best episode is The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings).

Oh Donny Boy. The pipes, the pipes are calling you.

Dumber than a box of rocks, a sack full of hammers, dirt

Eric Trump not dumb. Eric smart.

Two Corinthians, a Delosian, and a Lesbian went into the Agora…

It would be wrong to say The Donald has no faith. He’s a great worshiper of Mammon, and himself.

More Prosperity Gospel

I worked for a few years within 3 miles of Sandy Hook Elementary. Drove past it twice a day.

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