Aug 12 2017

Sucky Blogging

Among other things I’ve stolen from Atrios (like a shorter style, extended quotes I stole from digby) I shall be forever grateful for the phrase, “Sucky Blogging.”

I’ve been rather rigid in the past about schedules and sticking to them and everything I’ve said still applies, it creates an expectation of regularity in your audience. For a writer it creates discipline and there’s nothing easier in the world than to walk away from a project and never get back to it.

However, things change and while it’s easy to mourn former features like Prime Time, The Morning News or TDS/TCR there are reasons I’ve taken an extended vacation from producing them, not the least of which is that they’re much harder than they look.

Also, life intrudes and Le Tour fell by the wayside this year and last (I may cycle back) simply because it occurs at a very inconvenient time where I am traveling and have family and business obligations. Ditto America’s Cup.

Yesterday was not those.

Thursday night I had a massive virus attack that basically took out my browsers and it took me until now, about 48 hours later, to fix. Over 1100 corrupted files and 81 different types of malware. I’m relatively well protected too.

It took a ton of research to identify the key piece that was rendering my normal AV programs useless and remove it by hand (yeah, I’m a tech so editing the registry is no big) after which things proceeded smoothly but slowly and there are parts of my system yet to be recovered.

I wouldn’t even mention it except that I’ll be traveling again starting Monday/Tuesday and won’t be back until the 30th/31st. September is a nightmare of appointments (at least local) and in October I’m traveling again.

November? Happy Thanksgiving, Holidays, and New Year (in case I don’t get around to it)!

So get ready for an extended period of sucky blogging. I’ll continue to document the atrocities as best I can.

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