Aug 15 2017

The Hidden Mysteries Of Masonry

THE hidden mystery of Masonry is that the Universe is understandable and understanding it is humanity’s purpose.

In short, Enlightenment and we don’t try to hide that lesson much.

On the other hand sometimes I have trouble with that “the Universe is understandable” part. Quarks and String Theory are one thing, why people are so evil and stupid is another.

Don’t Be A Sucker


Propaganda Techniques

Who Are The People of America?

Maybe some of you recognize these shorts, I always felt they were a great time to take a nap while the teacher would generally sneak out to go to the bathroom or have a smoke. I for instance am traveling. Still, I wonder what happened to these generally accepted and uncontroversial understandings about civic life in the United States where we seem to be zooming right past the 1950s to the 1850s.

“One by one they pass away, the Brothers of our adoption, the Companions of our choice. A Brother whose hand we have clasped in the bonds of Fraternal Fellowship is now passing from our sight, and we know that we shall meet him on Earth no more.”

And the Acacia is lowered in 3 distinct motions and placed with the departed as a symbol that their memory shall remain evergreen.

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