The Russian Connection: Put the Fox in Charge

Back in October of 2016 the FBI and computer experts were looking at a Russian bank’s servers examining if there was a connection between the bank and the Trump organization. It appeared that Alpha Bank was using a secret server to interact with the Trump Tower during the campaign. The investigation was dismissed by some as a malware attack but the investigation continued. The FBI and White refuse to comment about it.

In January of this year, The Alpha Bank, One of Russia’s largest banks, came up when Buzzfeed News published the notorious dossier that alleged deep connections between Trump and Russia. The bank hired a New York law firm to look into the server allegations that once again were raised n the dossier. Based on the law firm’s findings, the owners of the bank sued the news organization for defamation.

The lawyer who handled that case was Brian Benczkowski, Trump’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division. Prior to being hired by the bank, he worked for Trump’s campaign as well as the liaison between the transition team and the Justice Department before taking the job for Alfa Bank. Benczkowski has zero experience in court or as a prosecutor, yet the Trump administration has nominated him to run criminal cases. If any criminal charges arise from the two grand jury investigations being run by special counsel Robert Mueller, it would fall to the criminal division to handle the prosecutions. If, as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says, the Senate Judiciary Committee approves Benczkowski’s nomination, he will officially be the fox guarding the hen house.