Jan 13 2018

Throwball Divisional Playoffs 2018: Falcons at Eagles

Yeah, yeah. All about who you hate the most but this year’s field is so filled with fail that I’m hard put to summon any enthusiasm at all, thus the disinterest in the Wild Card round.

Besides, I had guests and places to go and things to do that were far more important than any stupid Throwball Game, it is barely above Turn Left Bumper Cars in attracting my attention, a scant nanosecond above a test pattern and far below an interesting Screen Saver (anyone else remember Flying Toasters?).

This (yawn) waste of 4 hours of my life I will never recover pits the Falcons against the Eagles and at least I have the hate thing going for me. The Eagles are in the same Division as my second favorite Giants (The worst thing they did all year was win 3 games thereby putting the 0 – 16 Browns at the head of the Draft) and I want them to lose bigly. It could easily happen as their late season performance sucked and the Falcons didn’t look so bad last week.

TMC on the other hand favors the Eagles on the basis of- Georgia. While I consider anything south of Virginia fundamentally shithole country (can I say that? The Donald does.) I never let my prejudice stand in the way of trashing regional rivals.

Anyway, next up is a team I really hate, the lying, cheating Patsies.

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