Jan 14 2018

Throwball Divisional Playoffs 2018: Aints at Eekings

I probably shouldn’t say this as I am 0 – 3 in picks this weekend, but I have a bit of residual sympathy for the Aints based on Katrina.

On the other hand it would be mildly interesting to see the Eeks at home against the Patsies in the LII Bowl.

What decides it in my mind is that the Eeks play in the same division as my favoritest team of all, The Green Bay Packers, who got a raw deal when Aaron Rogers, the best Quarterback in Throwball (suck on that Brady), went down for the season (we’ll not count that horrible day they rushed him back to play AMA), so it’s hard to root for them.

Anyway Aints all the way. Redeem my lousy tips.

Do you think I take this seriously? I don’t.


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  1. ek hornbeck

    Of course the Eekings come out with a TD. 7 – 0 Eekings.

  2. TMC

    That a lot of purple. Lucky it’s a closed stadium. It’s 14° with a windchill near 0° and it’s snowing.

  3. ek hornbeck

    Well, that was futile. Eeks from their 25.

  4. TMC

    The nice part about Minneapolis iis yuo canget around most of the downtown without ever going outside. There is a system of enclosed bridges that connect the buildings called the Skyway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minneapolis_Skyway_System

    Really great idea especially in bad weather

  5. ek hornbeck

    FG. Eekings 10 – 0.

  6. TMC

    Vikings ball at start of 2nd quarter

  7. ek hornbeck

    17 Zip. Probably over already.

  8. ek hornbeck

    Eeks INT. Ugh.

  9. TMC

    Viking intercept at their own 28

  10. TMC

    2 minute warning on the 1st Half

  11. TMC

    Both the SAints and Vikings FG attempts NO GOOD.

    Half Time

  12. ek hornbeck

    Halftime. 17 – 0. Horrible.

  13. ek hornbeck

    Another hour of torture.

  14. TMC

    Saints Touchdown Tomas in the end zone

  15. ek hornbeck

    Aints off the schnide. 17 – 7 Eeks. They could still win, but they won’t.

  16. TMC

    IINTERCEPT by the Saints

  17. ek hornbeck

    Aint’s INT. Did they finally show up?

  18. TMC

    End of the 3rd quarter. Ball will be in Saints possession at the start of the 4th

  19. TMC

    Another Touchdown by Thomas for the Saints

  20. TMC

    Three point game

    Vikings 17- Saints 14

  21. ek hornbeck

    Aints score again. 17 – 14 Eeks. Suddenly in reach.

  22. TMC

    Vikings FG attempt is Good

    Vikings 20 – Saints 14

  23. ek hornbeck

    After much foofra Eeks FG. 20 – 14 Eeks.

  24. TMC

    Saints Touchdown. All the way from 0 to a 1 point lead

    Saints 21 – Vkiings 20

  25. ek hornbeck

    TD Aints. 21 – 20 Aints. Maybe I won’t go 0 for 4 this weekend. 3 Minutes left.

  26. TMC

    Vikings FG attempt is Good

    Vikings 23 – Saints 21

  27. ek hornbeck

    Ugh. 23 – 21 Eeks.

  28. ek hornbeck

    Aints 24 – 23. 21 seconds left.

  29. TMC

    Saints FG is Goog put them back in the lead by 1

    Saints 24 – Vikings 23

  30. TMC

    Vikings Touchdown!!

  31. ek hornbeck

    Fuck. Touchdown. Eeks 30 – 24.

  32. TMC

    Vikings 29 – Saints 24

    Vikings will meet the Philadelphia Eagle for the NFC Championship next Sunday in Philadelphia

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