Jan 14 2018

Throwball Divisional Playoffs 2018: Aints at Eekings

I probably shouldn’t say this as I am 0 – 3 in picks this weekend, but I have a bit of residual sympathy for the Aints based on Katrina.

On the other hand it would be mildly interesting to see the Eeks at home against the Patsies in the LII Bowl.

What decides it in my mind is that the Eeks play in the same division as my favoritest team of all, The Green Bay Packers, who got a raw deal when Aaron Rogers, the best Quarterback in Throwball (suck on that Brady), went down for the season (we’ll not count that horrible day they rushed him back to play AMA), so it’s hard to root for them.

Anyway Aints all the way. Redeem my lousy tips.

Do you think I take this seriously? I don’t.

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