Feb 03 2018

Bizarro World- This IS A Big Deal! REALLY! Wait, where are you going?

Sometimes I think it’s instructive to sit back (strong drink optional, popcorn mandatory) and point and hoot at the delusions of the 30% racists, bigots, and misogynists.

Then again I used to watch The 700 Club (Hi Jay!) for shits and giggles.

I can not emphasise enough that sharp and heavy objects can cause expensive damage to your computer and that those on medication, especially for high blood pressure or mental illness like delusions or depression, should make sure they have taken their proper dosage before viewing this material.

Also, hands inside the car at all times, I’m serious.

Tucker Carlson

Sean Hannity

Laura Ingraham

Faux and Fiends

7 am

9 am

Or don’t look at all.

Anyway, if this is the high water mark, the flood tide of PR bullshit, it’s pretty pathetic.

知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆 – 孫子

Know [the] other, know [the] self, hundred battles without danger; not knowing [the] other but know [the] self, one win one loss; not knowing [the] other, not knowing [the] self, every battle must [be] lost. – Sun Tzu

Apocryphally Sun Tzu got his job by taking 100 Court Concubines, dividing them into 2 teams of 50, and pitting these teams against each other in combat. After the first battle, which they refused to take seriously, he executed the leadership of both sides.

The next battle was quite serious.