Feb 13 2018

Meet The In-Laws

You want to know Melania’s Maiden (hah) Name? Knavs. Her Father, Viktor, is a former member of the Yugoslav Communist Party (for which I don’t blame him, tough to get ahead in Yugoslavia without it and I don’t hate on Communists in general). He was a car salesman (selling Yugos, what else?). Her Mom’s name is Amilija and she used to be a pattern maker at a textile factory. You want creep factor? Her Dad is only 2 years older than Trump.


Anyway Viktor and Amilija currently live in the East Wing of the White House and are the primary caregivers for The Donald’s last (I hope, there’s just not enough brain bleach) son Barron.

What’s the immigration status of Melania Trump’s parents?
By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post
February 13, 2018

They could be here on an IR-5 visa, meaning they are legal permanent residents because they are the parents of a U.S. citizen. Kevin Johnson, dean of the UC Davis Law School, believes this is the most likely option, even though the administration’s immigration proposal would limit family visas to spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, ending “extended-family chain migration.”

“If I were advising Trump, Melania’s parents would be admitted as immigrants as the immediate relative of a United States citizen if they were planning on moving here permanently, especially given the fact that there is talk to eliminate this basis for immigration,” said Matthew L. Kolken, a Buffalo immigration attorney.

Of course, using an immigration path that the president wants to eliminate would be politically explosive. So the easiest explanation could be that they are here on tourism visas and have asked for extensions. Generally, a tourist visa is given for about six months, and can be extended for up to a year.

“That’s pretty common,” said Sarah Pierce, an immigration policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute. “It is way more feasible or likely that they would use tourism visas.” She noted that data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services shows that the approval rate for the I-539 form (which extends status for all types of nonimmigrant visas, not just tourists) is 86 percent.

This would be a relatively simple explanation, which makes it curious why the White House would not confirm it if this is indeed the case.

Individuals who are outside the United States may be able to request parole into the United States based on humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons. There is no statutory or regulatory definition of significant public benefit. “Parole based on significant public benefit includes, but is not limited to, law enforcement and national security reasons or foreign or domestic policy considerations,” USCIS says. “We exercise our discretion on a case-by-case basis.”

Their parole may be extended at the discretion of the Homeland Security Department and would also permit them to adjust their status inside the country if Melania Trump intends to petition for them.

“I would guess that the first lady’s parents were paroled into the United States and did not have to apply for a visa,” Kolken said. “Parole can be extended by the [Homeland Security] Department, or the period of parole could be for a lengthy period of time. If my parents are looking to move to the U.S., and if I were president, I would have them paroled and then file an I-130/485 and get them green cards.”

So those are your choices, Chain Immigration (called by those who are not heartless bigots and racists family unification), Illegal Visa Jumpers, or “Parolees” who’s “valuable” service to the United States is taking care of a child as opposed to cutting grass on the putting green or picking fruit or translating in a combat environment to aid the Armed Services. Sorry Muhammad and Pedro- no Visa for you. Likewise you Dreamers. You screwed up. You trusted U.S.