Feb 13 2018

142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Relegated this year to Fox Sports and practically forgotten by me in favor of Winter Olympic Curling (Canada, Switzerland, and Russia btw making it 6 of 12 Canadian Golds in the modern era) it barks and whines like an insistent canine that needs a walk so it can pee.

Sorry dude. I’ve been sick too. In fact I’ve lost a whole day in my snotty Kleenex, I suppose I’ll find it when I clean off my toxic desk. I should think of something witty to say but after Puppy Bowl I’m all doggied out.

In any event tonight we have the Sporting Group, Working Group, Terrier Group, and Best In Show. Yesterday we had-

Hound Group

      Borzois GCHG CH Belisarius JP My Sassy Girl

Toy Group

      Pug GCHS CH Hill Country’s Puttin’ On The Ritz

Non Sporting Group

      Bichons Frises GCHP CH Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love

Herding Group

      Border Collie GCHP CH Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor

That’s it. Now I’ll have some nice chicken soup and take more meds and crawl under my covers and hack myself to unconsciousness for 4 hours until the next round.


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  1. ek hornbeck

    And in the Sporting Group it’s the Sussex Spaniel.

  2. ek hornbeck

    In the Working Group it’s the Schnauser.

  3. ek hornbeck

    In the Terrier Group the Norfolk.

  4. ek hornbeck

    And the James Mortimer Memorial Cup goes to…

    The Bichon Frise.

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