Jul 07 2018

Give Me ‘The Break’

So I’ve been lucky enough to acquire a Netflix password which in addition to allowing me to watch 13 Reasons Why (just incredibly depressing, makes you want to tear through your monitor and change things) also gives me access to Michelle Wolf’s new series The Break (also incredibly depressing, makes you want to tear through your monitor and change things, only in a different way).

C’mon, Michelle Wolf, former head writer for Seth Meyers, Daily Show correspondent, you know, this one-

It’s like every other Late Night Talk Show with a Standup, a Desk Segment, Field Pieces (mini-Movies and fake commercials) and an Interview. One set, pretty tacky and cheap, a DJ not a Combo or Band, in short- very spare though it aspires to better, I would have gone all late 60s modern- spray painted white stacked open cubes, drama lighting, invisible desk with a Friedeberg chair, and a retro couch (either red velvet bordello or green leather Freudian) and because there are no commercials and few graphics, transitions are not very smooth.

None-the-less she persists and I think it’s pretty screamingly funny. There’s a fairly good representation of her work so far on YouTube (search “michelle wolf the break netflix “). It started about a month ago and new episodes are on Saturday. Here’s an assortment of the content presented roughly chronologically-

Strong Female Lead (1 month)

Me Too (1 month)

Internet Goofs (1 month)

Saxophone Apologies (4 weeks)

Yogurt For Men (3 weeks)

Op Ed (3 weeks)

Hate It or Love It (3 weeks)

Entertainment Explosion (2 weeks)

Teeney Roast (1 week)

Unhinged (1 week)

Perfect Sports (1 week)

Mind Your Manners (6 days)

Workplace Safety (2 days)

How Dare You (1 day)