Oct 02 2018


I’m kind of ticked off that very few people are reporting the reality of ‘boofing’ and accepting Kavanaugh’s lie that it has something to do with farts.

Well, something I guess.

Urban Dictionary

The act of smirkingly perjuring oneself before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ok, both descriptive and hip but since it’s a neologism probably outside of most people’s vocabulary and instead I direct you to definitions 2 & 3.

The act of inserting drugs into the anus for a longer trip.

When you take drugs or alcohols through your asshole to get higher/drunker and quicker than taking it otherwise.

What there is, is a decided lack of (other than respect for Ceasar, should have had that role) anal sex, not that it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I have a friend who used to work in an Emergency Room and they tell me it’s both very effective and relatively common. I would never have thought so.

In treatment you use it for things like drinking anti-freeze in which, due to complicated biochemical reasons I don’t understand actually, it clears the ethylene glycol out of your kidneys and liver- important not because it is inherently toxic but because the metabolized by-products are. This type of poisoning is most often seen in dogs but there is a Darwin selected human population that thinks this kind of near death experience is fun and exciting.

Nearly as removed from the gene pool for sheer stupidity are those that do what can only be called Vodka Enemas for sport.

Umm… how drunk do you need to be?

Compounding the difficulties of controlling the dosage (not many people are EMT or Paramedic trained) there’s the fact that Blood Alcohol levels above .2 (not .02, the amount you get from an average drink, this is like 10 drinks at once) often results in unconsciousness and it seems to me that it’s poor form to waste your buzz on snoozing unless you have an acute problem with insomnia (for which there are other remedies).

Outside the ick factor (you know, enema) there is the fact that Blood Alcohol levels above .2 are frequently fatal. Above .3 almost certainly so.

Scared you yet?

Now if you’re a normal human being the thought of downing 10 shots in an hour ought to fill you with dread. I’m talking rainbows of vomit. Yet like anything else you get used to it I suppose, never tried myself.

Have I been blackout drunk? Oh my yes. I’ll never forget it (at least the parts I remember). I fell in with some Navy recruiters and in another age I would have literally woken up on a slow boat to China instead of a Safeway parking lot.

Yeah, it’s like that. Is it the way you want to go through life? I mean, fat and drunk I get, but stupid?