Oct 02 2018

Weird Science

Ok, so you probably know by now that I’m a computer tech and strange stuff pops up in my YouTube feed constantly including Self-Help and Psychiatric videos as well as goofy things (Cartnoon).

I blame Anna Akana who in addition to being a very funny actor trying to get visible in Southern California has a sideline in personal improvement and a sad backstory- her sister committed suicide at 13. Kind of compelling, I’ll try to curate it sometime. Did I mention she’s really funny?

But I’m the target of other videos too, based on my Google archived preferences, and this one about building a $100,000 Gaming Machine caught my attention.

I have a box just like that which I use for testing, though my budget doesn’t allow for such exuberant extravagant expenditures.

$100,000? I can build you 10 super primo systems for the same amount and a hundred that will do for normal things (if you’re crypto-mining I think what you’re doing is both reprehensible and economically wrong headed).

Of course, as a guy who designed 1 Mb memory packs for Altairs (also useful for heating hot tubs) I have alternative ideas of interesting. I’ll also note that even with an unlimited budget the debugging and testing video is about an hour longer than any of the others because that’s the way it goes.

Bonus- 5 Signs You Need Therapy

No, that one’s totally straight. Did I mention I’m in Therapy?