Oct 07 2018

2018 Senior League Division Championship Game 3: Dodgers @ Braves

So the Braves are looking for home cooking to change things around.

Unfortunately for the Braves I don’t think they’ll find it any better than road food. The Dodgers continue to look like the team to beat despite the Yankee win last night.

Sean Newcomb (L, 12 – 9, 3.90 ERA) pitched 2 scoreless Innings as a Reliever in Game 1 so the Braves will be sending him out on short rest. He throws Fastballs, Changeups, and Curves

The Dodgers respond with Walker Buehler (R, 8 – 5, 2.62 ERA). He’s not quite a Rookie, he appeared in 8 games in 2017, but he has no post-Season experience. His favorite pitch is the Fastball with a few Curves and Cutters.

I won’t be watching the first part because I’m binging Dr. Who. Without spoiling it let me say I thought it was pretty good (no “Blink” mind you) and the cast seems to be working out. I thought there were a few rough edges in the writing and I had 1 big problem with the plot. They do introduce a new alien and it’s a terrifying reveal.