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Oct 28 2018

2018 World Series Game 5: Red Sox @ Dodgers

Well, this is certainly the position to be in. By winning last night (and convincingly at that with a 5 Run uprising in the Top of the 9th) the Red Sox have achieved their Split in Chavez Ravine and need do nothing at all to fly back to Fenway 3 – 2. On the other …

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Oct 27 2018

2018 World Series Game 4: Red Sox @ Dodgers

Yawn. Well, that was like watching 2 scoreless Ballgames in a row. The thing about losing in Extra Innings is that you put so much energy into it and didn’t get the result you wanted. For the Red Sox the bad thing is that they used Eovaldi for 6 Innings (about as long as one …

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Oct 26 2018

2018 World Series Game 3: Red Sox @ Dodgers

I suppose I might have given Fenway a bigger sendoff because it is entirely possible the Red Sox will celebrate on the road unless the Dodgers get busy. If they notch a Split the Red Sox will return home no worse than 3 – 2. If the Dodgers Sweep they can achieve no more that …

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Oct 24 2018

2018 World Series Game 2: Dodgers @ Red Sox

A Tale from The Walking City Don’t get me wrong, Boston has an excellent Above/Below Ground Transit System usually called just the “T”. It’s cheap and reasonably kempt, the main problem is it doesn’t run 24/7 (or at least it didn’t). So a bunch of friends and I were at a Show in Harvard Square …

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Oct 23 2018

2018 World Series Game 1: Dodgers @ Red Sox

A Tale from the Athens of America To lead off there are 33 other Countries in América del Sur y Central and one that’s 3.5% larger to the North, so “America” is hardly descriptive of our geographic location which is why I prefer “United States”. It shows what Bostonians think of themselves though and the …

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Oct 20 2018

2018 Senior League Championship Game 7: Dodgers @ Brewers

I must say the Dodgers looked shabby last night. I’m talking 1986 Sox shabby with the caveat that they were never really in the game and the Sox were one strike away, so in fact much worse. Ryu was chased (and is now useless) in 3, 5 Runs down. They used 6 Relievers, none for …

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Oct 19 2018

2018 Senior League Championship Game 6: Dodgers @ Brewers

It’s Miller Time. “He Missed The Tag!!!” Ok, I couldn’t resist. Video quality still sucks though. Things look kind of bleak for the Brewers who confront the Dodgers tonight facing elimination. On the other hand they’re at home. Everyone is on short rest (with a travel day) but with the Brewers’ alternative being Golf (the …

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Oct 18 2018

2018 Junior League Championship Game 5: Red Sox @ Astros

I’ll not kid you, the Red Sox could end it right here and that would be fine with me since I could worship at the altar of The Great God Citgo in the Series (this is a Series, League Championship, there is only one Series). Up 3 games to 1, who could possibly screw that …

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Oct 17 2018

2018 Junior League Championship Game 4: Red Sox @ Astros

So after yesterday’s thumping victory we are destined to worship again at the altar of The Great God Citgo, and so I shall regale you with more tales of the Hub, as they like to think of themselves. Before I studied there Richard invited me on a business trip he was taking to brainstorm some …

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Oct 17 2018

2018 Senior League Championship Game 5: Brewers @ Dodgers

The Dodgers took 13 Innings last night to claw their way back into a tie. It shouldn’t have been so hard and the Brewers are still going back to Miller Field. It is the final game at Chavez Ravine (we hope) and even if they leave 2 – 3 the Brewers will have the advantage. …

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