Oct 08 2018

2018 Senior League Division Championship Game 4: Dodgers @ Braves

Well, the Braves like home cooking I guess. Last night they won over the Dodgers 6 – 5. It was more convincing than that looks, neither team scored after the 6th.

So anything can happen but the Braves still face elimination today against the Dodgers.

Braves will send out Mike Foltynewicz (R, 13 – 10, 2.85 ERA). He pitched previously in this Series, losing Game 1. He threw 2 Innings allowing 4 Runs on 3 Hits and 2 Home Runs issuing 3 Walks. Because he didn’t pitch long fatigue is probably not a factor. He throws Fastballs and Sliders almost exclusively.

Rich Hill (L, 11 5, 3.66 ERA) faces him for the Dodgers. In 2017 he had 4 games with no decision in any of them and threw 17.2 Innings during which he allowed 5 Runs on 13 Hits and 3 Home Runs with 8 Walks and an ERA of 2.55). He throws Fastballs and Curveballs- that’s it.