Oct 12 2018

2018 Senior League Championship Game 1: Dodgers @ Brewers

First, a word about how we got here. The Brewersswept the Rockies which was only to be expected. Coors Field is a pitcher’s nightmare and a batter’s friend. The elevation makes the ball carry farther and in consequence the Ball Park is larger than most. Ok, that solves your Home Run problem but leaves acres of territory for the fielders to cover which is good for hitters too. The Rockies tailor their team to their Park (you play 50% of your games there) but it leaves them somewhat deficient when playing lowland teams away.

Que sera, sera.

The Dodgers got extended a game by the Braves and in context and retrospect I don’t think they impressed. The Braves are a very weak team.

Next- who do you hate the most?

There’s no question I hate the Dodgers the most. The Brewers are this inoffensive Mid-Western team you hardly ever think about. The Dodgers are the Traitors of Chavez Ravine.

The fact that they’re playing at Miller Park is good news, it means the Brewers will have home field advantage in what now is a Best-of-7 Series. Hold at home, split at Chavez and you’re just 1 game away from the Series with 2 to play at home.

The Brewers will be pitching Gio Gonzalez (L, 10 – 11, 4.21 ERA). He hasn’t appeared yet this post-Season, in 2017 he appeared in 2 games with no decision. He allowed 6 Runs on 6 Hits with 2 Home Runs and 6 Walks for an ERA of 6.75. He throws Fastballs and his off speed stuf is Changups and Curves about equally.

The Dodgers will respond with the legendary Clayton Kershaw (L, 9 – 5, 2.73 ERA). He has appeared in 8 post-Seasons, including this one where he pitched an 8 Inning Shutout in the Division Series allowing 2 Hits so his ERA is 0.00. In 2017 he was in 6 games with 3 Wins and no Losses. He allowed 14 Runs on 21 Hits and 8 Home Runs, issuing 8 Walks. Over 33 Innings his ERA was 3.74. He pitches Sliders and Fastballs and that’s pretty much it.