Oct 13 2018

2018 Junior League Championship Game 1: Astros @ Red Sox

I don’t hate the Red Sox any more than I have to. I mean sure I’m a Metropolitans fan but I mostly don’t care what happens in the Junior League at all and to the extent that some of my fellow enthusiasts hate the Yankees (basically envy, Yankee fans don’t notice us at all), I don’t. I’m perfectly content to root for the Yankees because of geography if they’re not facing the Mets.

Likewise if the Yankees aren’t in it anymore I see nothing wrong with transferring my allegiance to the Red Sox. I went to school in Boston for a while and the way you navigate almost every corner is by triangulating the Pru and The Great God Citgo. I’ve been to Fenway a couple of times and it’s a charming and distinctive Park. Sox fans don’t get up in my face the way Yankee fans do though they’re both pretty much a bunch of loud, obnoxious drunks. Should the Series lengthen or the Red Sox advance I’ll share some of my stories many of which bear a resemblance to reality.

Now you may think the ‘Stros have an advantage because they swept but, no offense, that was the Indians. The Sox were facing the Yankees, a 100 win team, and it was a grudge match between the bitterest rivals in Baseball. I think they did reasonably well, considering.

The Sox will be starting Chris Sale (L, 12 – 4, 2.11 ERA). He appeared in 2 games during the Division Championship and notched a win, allowing 2 Runs on 5 Hits with 2 Walks in 6.1 Innings for an ERA of 2.84. In 2017 he lost both games he appeared in, allowing 9 Runs on 13 Hits and 4 Home Runs with 1 Walk for an ERA of 8.38 in 9.2 Innings pitched. He throws Fastballs and Sliders.

The ‘Stros will respond with Ace Justin Verlander (R, 16 – 9, 2.52 ERA). He’s appeared in 7 post-Seasons including this one where his single game in the Division Champioship was a no decision where he allowed 2 Runs on 2 Hits with 2 Walks in 5.1 Innings for an ERA of 3.38. Last year he appeared in 6 games, winning 4 and losing 1, allowing 9 Runs on 22 Hits and 3 Home Runs with 8 Walks in 36.2 Innings for an ERA of 2.21. He throws Fastballs and Sliders with some Curves for fun.