Nov 14 2018

Smelling The Coffee

If you are a reader of regularity you must know by now that I think Republicans, all of them, are at best useless greed heads and more typically Bigoted, Misogynous, Racist Monsters. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party most of the ones that are merely scam artists and con men are abandoning their Party in droves leading to a sudden influx of people who can barely be called Democratic at all, let alone “progressive” or “Left”.

On the positive side the naked immorality and callousness of radical “Conservatives” has made collectivist social policies more credible with Media and Political Elites, so it’s not all bad. Certainly partisans would vote for a yellow dog if it had a (D) next to its name and if all you want (and it is by definition the primary goal of a Political Party) is to elect more Ds than Rs (something I find as relevant as choosing between the Blues and Greens in Constantinople) you could make the “Big Tent” argument if only your Institutional Leaders were not as feckless, incompetent, and ineffective as Democrats have shown themselves to be time and time again.

Both sides really do do it, just one side is actively malicious and the other merely stupid.

But there is no denying that the Republican Party is imploding under the weight of its racist baggage and while I may be apprehensive about the direction of Democrats, Republicans foresee a future where in many portions of the United States (all the ones where it’s fun to live) their party is as popular as…

Well, the Nazis. Remember when they used to be the bad guys? Fun historical fact- at peak they only represented 38% of the German electorate. This is heartening yet scary, sure it’s cool that they were never the sentiments of the majority, but it’s hard to deny that their minority had complete and total domination of the Government.

Among the respectable places where it’s hard to be a Republican anymore is California. This piece, by a former Assembly leader highlights just how low the Party’s fortunes have fallen.

GOP is dead in California. A new way must rise
By Kristin Olsen, CALmatters
Nov. 13, 2018

The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead – partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics.

Painful though it was, that was the message I delivered at the California Priorities Summit, sponsored by the Sacramento Bee in Sacramento last week.

I’ve spent my entire adult life in Republican politics, so for me to make such a comment wasn’t easy. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I and others have been warning people for years that this day of reckoning was coming if we didn’t do something different.

And as Election Night proved, that day has come. While the rest of the nation saw a mix of Republican and Democrat victories, we in California experienced a blue tsunami. It looks as if Democrats will win nearly every target seat, including some in districts that have been historically considered “safe” for Republicans.

Republican principles used to be about helping other people. We believed in lifting people up out of poverty by giving them robust and free economic opportunities and by providing a world-class education. We stood for giving people the freedom to run their own lives and businesses without undue government interference.

We welcomed people from all over the world who sought to live the American Dream and contribute to the economy and society. They could be secure in knowing that they would not be persecuted for who they are and that they could build strong families and vibrant neighborhoods.

Ok. Blah, blah, blah. Republicans never believed any of that crap, but it used to be you could shame them into at least lip service during elections. Not so much anymore.

Unfortunately, tragically, that is not the Republican Party promoted by President Donald Trump and his brand of national politics today. We have lost our way, and it’s killing any opportunity for political balance and thoughtful debate in California, elements that good public policy relies on.

One party rule is not good for any community, state or nation, but that’s what we have in California today. It’s because the Republican Party has failed to adapt to changing demographics and to get back to our basic fundamental belief in liberty and responsibility, freedom, economic opportunity, and educational excellence.

Without a viable second party to voice concerns about increasingly progressive policy proposals and to advance alternative policy solutions for addressing the many challenges facing California, our state will continue to veer leftward.

It is time for a New Way. And if the Republican Party can’t evolve, it may be time for a third party, one that will appeal to disenfranchised voters in the Republican and Democratic parties who long for better representation and a better California for all.

Centerism! That’s the ticket. Yellow lines and dead Armadillos. Nobody believes in “Centerism” except Neo Liberal 1%ers and their toadies and shills.

Individual Republicans are good, conscientious people dedicated to serving their communities, but they belong to a brand and a national party that is toxic and growing more toxic by the day.

No, they really aren’t, but she’s right that the Brand is toxic.

Millions of Californians, millions of Americans, want and deserve leaders who will shake up establishments and help those who have felt ignored for far too long.

These leaders must understand that words matter, that healing and unity is important to the sustainability, strength, and growth of our nation, that end goals do not justify vindictive or hateful or ill-conceived means.

As Californians and Americans, we must work together to find and promote such leaders— people with the courage to help us return to bold and civil discourse and who value and promote the fundamental principles and values of our American Republic and constitutional democracy.

We must hold people in both parties accountable for governing, truth-telling, and civility.

For Republicans, the first step is to acknowledge that we have a serious internal problem. Ignoring the toxicity is not enough, as California’s election results demonstrate. We must call it out and model a different and better way because that’s what our fellow Californians deserve.

Screw civility. When you stop being racist I’ll stop talking about it. In the mean time if you don’t want outraged citizens interrupting your meals maybe you should quit being evil.

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